abonnement kerstversieringSubscribe to the renting of Christmas trees?

Getting a subscription on the renting of Christmas trees is very easy and beneficial at Boomvoorkerst. It brings the Christmas spirit in your company without you having to worry about practical matters. We deliver, place and decorate the Christmas tree, and possible other decorations, every year. In January we come to retrieve everything again without you having to do a thing and this saves you alot of time. You aren’t tied to the same decoration either, because it is possible to change the decoration theme and colors every year and you also do not have to worry about where you need to store all the materials outside of the Christmas period. You can simply select your desired trees and decorations online in our webshop.

However, if you as a customer are interested to start a subscription for multiple years then you will enjoy some of the following advantages;

2-Year subscription3-Year subscription5-Year subscription
5% Discount7,5% Discount10% Discount